East Beach ~ Barrier Beach

Physical Characteristics

Below is a checklist of all the organisms that might be found at a barrier beach. Some are more difficult to find than others, and some only live at the beach at certain times of the year. The organisms that we saw on our field trip to East Beach are marked with an asterisk(*). Photos of the organisms that we found may be seen in the Biota Gallery.
Dune Plants Invertebrates Wrack Line Birds
Beach Pea*
Beach Rose*
Dusty Miller*
Northern Bayberry*
Pitch Pine*
Poison Ivy*
Seaside Goldenrod*
Atlantic Surf Clam
Beach Hoppers
Green Crab*
Hermit Crab*
Mole Crab
Razor Clam*
Skate Cases*
Mussel Shells*
Channeled Whelk Shell*
Irish Moss*
Piping Plovers