East Beach ~ Barrier Beach

Geographical Information System (GIS) Maps

East Beach and Ninigret Pond are both shown on these maps since the coastal lagoon was formed on the landward side of the barrier beach. The minimum download time for a 28.8 modem connection is shown in (parentheses).

Aerial View - here's what you'd see if you were flying over East Beach (10 seconds)

Area- this is a basic map showing the land outline of the barrier beach and salt pond area (5 seconds)

Geology- the glacial geology of the barrier beach and surrounding area is detailed on this map (9 seconds)

Wetlands- all the wetland types are shown on this map as well as the aquifers and bodies of freshwater (11 seconds)

Land Use - what's grown or built on the land and water surrounding East Beach (9 seconds)

Historical Native American Settlements - the Pequot settlements and tribal territory that existed in the beach area in the 17th century (8 seconds)

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