Ninigret Salt Pond

Physical Characteristics

Where is Ninigret Salt Pond located?

If you're looking for Ninigret Salt Pond, you'll have to go to Rhode Island's southern shore, in the town of Charlestown. A barrier beach is all that separates Rhode Island's largest salt pond (or coastal lagoon) from Block Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. Ninigret Salt Pond covers an area of 1,711 acres and is roughly 4 miles long by 1/2-1 mile wide (6.4 by 0.8-1.6 kilometers). The pond is extremely shallow with an average depth of 4 feet (5.2 meters) and a maximum depth of about 7 feet (9.1 meters). From the map above you can see that Ninigret Pond has a very irregular shape with a number of coves. Seawater flows into the pond through Charlestown Breachway which is located at the east end of East Beach.