Ninigret Salt Pond

Physical Characteristics

Geography ~ Geology ~ Biology ~ Chemistry

Where is Ninigret Salt Pond located?

What is a salt pond (lagoon)?
How did salt ponds form?
If the salt pond is cut off from the ocean, why hasn't its water become stagnant and stale?
Does Ninigret Pond have a breachway?

Do you live here, or are you just visiting?
The humans are coming...the humans are coming!
Has anything affected the biology of Ninigret Salt Pond besides the increasing human population?
Connections are Everywhere
Salt Pond Biota

Why test the water in the pond?
What is the salinity of the pond?
How does my toilet affect the pond?
How does fertilizing a lawn affect the pond?

Salt Pond Table of Contents
Physical Characteristics ~ History
Land Use ~ Maps ~ Classroom Activities
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