Ninigret Salt Pond


From which important but relatively unknown part of early American history did Ninigret Pond gets its name?

Did you know the Niantic Tribe, like many people, had both summer and winter homes?

Who created the traditional New England clambake?

Did you know the Native people wasted nothing?

Wasn't wampum used as money by Native Americans?

In what other ways did native New Englanders use the clam shell?

What plants did Native Americans and Colonists use?

Did you know that the Ninigret Pond area was a Native American stronghold in the 1600s?

Who were the first colonial traders in the area?

Did you know some farmers made more money fishing and trapping than they did harvesting their crops?

What small mammal was greatly affected by the permanent opening of the breachway?

Was the Ninigret Pond area ever used for other military purposes?

What site was proposed for Rhode Island's first nuclear power plant?

What is the Charlestown Naval Air Station used for today?

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