Ninigret Salt Pond


Did you know that the Ninigret Pond area was a Native American stronghold in the 1600s?

Fort Ninigret, located at the northern end of Ninigret Pond, is situated on a bluff facing the breachway and barrier beach. The structure of the palisade, or Fort Ninigret, was similar to other Native fortifications in the region. It consisted of a small ditch which measured about 80 cm. deep by 40-50 cm. wide. The stockade was formed when large and small posts were implanted into the ditches. This stockade protected the production of wampum in the Ninigret fortification area. Surrounded by an iron rail, the ditches are still visible today. This area has been maintained as a memorial to the Narragansett and Niantic Indians.

View from the fort site looking
towards breachway.

Stone remnant of Fort Ninigret.