Ninigret Salt Pond

Geographical Information System (GIS) Maps

Have a look at these maps that will provide you with different types of information about the Ninigret salt pond and the area surrounding it. The minimum download time for a 28.8 modem connection is shown in (parentheses).

Aerial View- what you'd see if you flew over the salt pond (11 seconds)

Area- the basic view of the land and water areas surrounding Ninigret salt pond (5 seconds)

Geology- this shows how the glaciers influenced the geology of the pond area (9 seconds)

Wetlands- the types of wetlands found in the pond, the nearby aquifer, and fresh water ponds in the area (8 seconds)

Land Use- all the ways humans and nature uses the land and water of the salt pond and surrounding land, including shellfish and eelgrass beds (9 seconds)

Historical Native American Settlements- the 17th century tribal territory and settlements of the Pequot Indians (12 seconds)

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