Ninigret Salt Pond


What plants did Native Americans and Colonists use?

The Natives used the land as well as the sea. At the summer camps near Ninigret Pond, the Niantics planted crops in the grasslands. Tobacco was grown for medicines, ceremonial purposes, and smoking. Corn, squash, and beans were also abundantly planted and served as important dietary staples.

Native American and Colonial Uses of Plants
Plant Name Native American or Colonial Use
Bayberry* Micmac people used the leaf snuff for headaches, leaf tea as a stimulant, and root bark for inflammation.
Sea Milkwort* Roots were boiled to induce sleep.
Beach Rose Hips used to treat scurvy due to their high Vitamin C content.
Marsh grass* Used for bedding and fodder for farm animals. Also used by Natives to weave mats.
Eelgrass* and Widgeon Grass* It was banked against farmhouse foundations as insulation during the winter.
*Plant that is native to Rhode Island