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This website is maintained as an archive of the project. This website is no longer under development.

This site has been created by the University of Rhode Island's Office of Marine Programs as part of the Narragansett Bay Commission's Environmental Monitoring for Public Access and Community Tracking (EMPACT) project established and funded by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Additional funds were provided by the Eisenhower Program for Professional Development.

Web Site Team:
Gail Scowcroft, Project Director
Peter Cook, Webmaster
Jill Johnen, Marine Scientist
Christopher Knowlton, Marine Geochemist
Andrea Kecskes, Marine Research Specialist
Cheryl Schroeder, Biological Oceanographer
Shannon Donovan, Botanist
Darrell McIntire, Graphic Designer
Rebecca Briggs, Undergradute Intern
Heather Lebra, Undergradute Intern
Kathy Vigness Raposa, Marine Biologist
Kristen McCann, Undergradute Intern
Breanna Fulcher, Undergradute Intern

Contributing K-12 Educators:
Robert Anastasi, Johnston High School
Charles Chaves, Davis Vocational Technical High School
Elizabeth D'Abbraccio, East Greenwich Elementary Schools
Steve Heath, Rocky Hill School
Catherine Hibitt, Lincoln School
Virginia Kitts, Msgr. Clarke Elementary School
George Latos, Martin Luther King Elementary School
James McMonigle, Chariho Middle School
Deborah O'Hara, Tiverton Elementary Schools
John Palumbo, Cranston East High School
Stephen Pickin, Johnston High School
Charlene E. Vallante, Martin Luther King Elementary School

Project Funding Partners:
US Environmental Protection Agency EMPACT Project and the Narragansett Bay Commission
Eisenhower Professional Development Program

Funding Partners:

Copyright © 2001, University of Rhode Island.
Images and material from this web site may not be reproduced or used in any form without express written permission of the Office of Marine Programs. Images from the Virtual Field Trip and Slide Show are expressly copyrighted and may not be reproduced or used in any form under any conditions. Material not in the Virtual Field Trip and Slide Show may be used for educational purposes only, provided original copyrights and credits accompany all materials.

This site has been enhanced by the work and generous contributions from the following individuals and organizations:
Carol Archambault, Photographer
Mark Archambault, Naturalist and Photographer
Rob Arra, Photographer
Deanna Bergondo, Chemical Oceanographer
Bucklin Society
Drew Carey, Marine Scientist
James Carlton, Marine Ecologist
John Dini, Wetlands Conservation Programme
Gaspee Days Committee
Dian Gifford, Biological Oceanographer
Paul Hargraves, Biological Oceanographer
Robert Kenney, Biological Oceanographer
Dana Kester, Chemical Oceanographer
Grace Klein-McPhee, Biological Oceanographer
Mike Laptew, Underwater Videographer
Thomas Mitchell, Photographer
John F. Mustard, Planetary Geoscientist
Scott Nixon, Biological Oceanographer
Harold Wes Pratt, Marine Biologist and Underwater Photographer
Jerry Prezioso, Marine Biologist and Underwater Photographer
Providence Public Library
Jan Rines, Biological Oceanographer
Prentice Stout, Marine Educator and Photographer
Barbara Sullivan, Biological Oceanographer
David Taylor, Biological Oceanographer
Ricky Taylor, Estuarine Ecologist
Ray Valente, Marine Scientist
Henry Walker, Research Environmental Scientist
Yeqiao Wang, Remote Sensing Scientist
Robert L. Wilke, Photographer
Stan Wright, Curator, The Quonset Air Museum

(Image credits are listed in Image Index)

Please Note: This website is maintained as an archive of the project. This website is no longer under development.

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