Galilee Salt Marsh

Classroom Activities
Now that you have completed your virtual field trip to the Galilee Salt Marsh:
  1. Can you name 3 creatures that live in the lower marsh?
  2. Can you name 3 creatures that live in the higher marsh?
  3. Can you name 3 creatures that live on the marsh border?
  4. Name a plant in the lower marsh.
  5. What was the salinity of the water in most of the marsh?
  6. Name 2 fish populations that are being monitored by U.R.I. researchers.
  7. Name 2 organisms and their unique adaptations to living in the salt marsh.
  8. List 3 of the most important pieces of equipment you need to study the salt marsh.
  9. Name 3 items of gear you need to bring or wear.
  10. Name 3 ways the land surrounding this marsh is being used.
  11. How might this use of the land affect the marsh?
  12. Name 2 ways salt marshes have historically been used by native people and colonists.
  13. Name 3 reasons why salt marshes are so important to the environment.
  14. How did the glaciers affect the formation of the salt marshes

Identify these items and tell what important facts each tells about the Salt Marsh.(Each item is put in a box or container and pulled out for the students to discuss.)

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