Galilee Salt Marsh

Geographical Information System (GIS) Maps

Just click on the name of a map to view more information about the Galilee salt marsh. The minimum download time for a 28.8 modem connection is shown in (parentheses).

Area- a basic look at the land and water near the salt marsh (8 seconds)

Aerial View- this is what the salt marsh would look like if you were to see it from above (11 seconds)

Land Use- how the land and water is used in the Galilee area (11 seconds)

Ditching Improvements- shows the ditches that have been dug in the Galilee Bird Sanctuary (restoration or south side of marsh) to improve saltwater flow into all the marsh and for future mosquito control (11 seconds)

Pre/post Restoration Plant Communities- a comparison of the types of salt marsh vegetation growing in both parts of the marsh before and after restoration (11 seconds)

Salt Marsh Table of Contents
Physical Characteristics ~ History
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