Ninigret Salt Pond

Virtual Field Trip
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Imagine a place where swimmers, sunbathers, shell-fishermen and wind surfers can enjoy the same environment. Why, you must be thinking of the salt pond!

Come with us as we explore this wonderfully rich environment. Have we completed our preparations? Use this checklist to find out!

The Month Before The Field Trip
Get a map of Rhode Island to locate East Beach in Charlestown
Check Tide charts to select desired time for field trip
Arrange bus transportation
Distribute permission slips
Arrange for chaperones
Collect all necessary equipment and discuss appropriate clothing

Day Before The Field Trip
Final check of all necessary equipment
Check weather forecast for tomorrow
Review appropriate dress for field trip with students

Day Of The Trip
Load all necessary equipment onto the bus
Bring money for parking
Lather on the sunscreen
Make a trip to the restroom
Don't forget your lunch and plenty of beverages

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