Beavertail ~ Rocky Shore

Virtual Field Trip
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Today is the day we've been waiting for . . . the field trip to our rocky shore at Beavertail. Before we leave school, let's make sure we are PREPARED.

In Advance:
Completed all focus activities in the classroom.
Contacted bus company/ transportation
Contacted D. E. M (Department of Environmental Management) to schedule Rock Walks, Museum and Aquarium Tours
Pass out permission slips
Considered medical/ handicap provisions
Obtained proper supervision/ chaperones
Checked availability of equipment needed
Check tide charts for dates and times of low tide

Day Before:
Assembled, organized, packed equipment
Final check on bus, chaperones, permission slips and provisions
Reviewed safety rules, codes of conduct, proper dress and food considerations

Day Of:
Visit Rest Rooms: REMEMBER- limited opportunities on site...
Apply insect repellent
Load onto bus in quiet, orderly fashion
Apply sunscreen lotion

We have already contacted the Park Ranger so that he or she can take us on a rock walk and show us the aquarium. We also need to make sure we have all the EQUIPMENT we need. Remember, we are going to explore as well as have fun at the Rocky Shore.

Pens and Pencils
Transect Line (1 per group)
Quadrat (1 per group)
Hip Waders/boots/water Resistant Footwear
Dip Nets
Field Guide  ( 1 per group)
Glass holding tank
Activity sheets
Meter Stick/ruler
Camera & photo backdrops

We also need to keep a journal of our activities during our visit. Imagine gulls flying overhead, the waves crashing at our feet, and the smells of the shore filling your senses as we explore the exciting and dynamic world of the Rocky Shore!

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