Beavertail ~ Rocky Shore

Virtual Field Trip
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Just below the jellyfish was some Sea Lettuce and Rockweed. Both of these types of seaweed serve as shelter to animals and other plants in the tide pool.
One seaweed that looks like red gloves is called Palmeria. Sea Lettuce looks just like lettuce found in a salad. Mermaid's Hair looks like green tangled string. Rockweed is a brown seaweed with flat blades and a stripe in the middle. Its pea-shaped air bladders pop when you step on them. Kelp is long, brown and feels leathery. It is held to the sea bottom by holdfasts. Yuck, we just stepped on a slimy piece of Hollow Green Weed.
All seaweed must remain moist or they will perish. All algae lack the stiff tissues of land plants and need water to hold them up; hence many of these are found in tide pools at the rocky shore. Algae grow very quickly, because they receive lots of sunlight and nutrients from sea water.

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