Beavertail ~ Rocky Shore

Virtual Field Trip
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Next door to the museum is a small, one room aquarium. For such a small space, there is sure a lot to see and do here! There are all types of posters and dried things on the walls, like pressed seaweed, dried mussels, periwinkles, dog whelk, even crabs and lobsters. In addition, there are some excellent specimens in the fish tanks that grace the aquariums' tables. They have samples of fish you might find off the coast of Jamestown. Some hide in the rocks so well you can hardly find them!

The "touch tank", where specimens may be picked up, is an excellent way to familiarize us with the textures of Rocky Shores' flora and fauna. A Park Ranger, Nancy, allows us to pick up the sea stars, hermit crabs, and snails in this tank. Ouch! Stay away from the lobster. Later in the day we'll go on a tide pool study with Ranger Nancy to see if we can find these same plants and animals. All around the aquarium there are activities for us to do, like create a rocky shore habitat poster or match the animal to its zone.

Now that we've visited the Lighthouse Museum and Beavertail Aquarium, it's time for our field activities!

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